The correct lighting environment of a receptive space (i.e. shops, boutiques, showrooms, spa, relax areas, gyms, museums, conference rooms, restaurants) is dependent upon the type of business, as such as It show up messages, enhances comfort and interact with client’s mood.
The control system H/EASY fully meets any kind of scenarios needs, as well as to make faster and more efficient routine operations (such as opening or closing shop). Thanks to a simple and advanced lighting and engines management, specific scenarios can be implemented ad hoc for specific events or timed according to the different times of the day.
All scenarios can be easy managed with high reliability thanks to an intuitive interface and custom programming, integrated with any other entertainment, monitoring and control system installed (spot lights, air conditioning, curtains and so on), through buttons and/or integrated with smartphones, tablets, and touch screens.


Light can enhance the commercial environment and evoke feelings that result in greater shopping or unforgettable experiences . The feelings evoked in your shop or resturant or office should be reflections of your business. Using light as a creative tool to inspire your clients and to make your brand shine.